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The Simple Guide to Video Marketing

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It would be impossible to say that you could consume every piece of content uploaded to YouTube. But it would also be impossible to say that you couldn’t find something interesting to watch.

YouTube isn’t just a ‘young persons’ platform. There’s something on it for people of all ages. Adweek recently put together some information showing the different types of videos that Generation X, Y, and  Z all consume, and while there were some differences in what they were watching they were all watching.

Which means it’s time to stop printing, and start recording. Video Marketing is the way to go.

Tips On Video

I’ll keep this section short as we’ve already done a whole post on tips Loan Officers can use to improve their video marketing. And those tips haven’t changed much:

  • Keep videos short. Data shows that viewer retention is less than 30 seconds.
  • Expand beyond YouTube and Facebook. Instagram is a hotbed of video and Periscope on Twitter is doing very well.
  • There’s viral potential. Video is shared more than any other form of content.

Why It’s Important

Video Marketing Tips 2017According to a report done in June of last year, 74% of internet traffic this year will be streaming video. You want to be where the majority of people are going and they are going to video.

Just mentioning video in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%.

People trust video marketing more than downloadable marketing or print pieces. It helps them understand products being offered to them when they can put a face or a voice to a name. There’s a sense of trust being built between seller and potential buyer when they can sit down and interact with a video because a consumer will trust what they can see with their own two eyes. They’ll have the ability to register ‘yes, that’s a real person talking to me’ rather than a name on a flyer or post-card.

2017 Video Trends

Live Video! Towards the end of 2016 Facebook introduced “Facebook Live”, the ability to stream a video, live, over Facebook, to your audience and reception has been so popular, Twitter integrated the same ability into their application.

Consumers love it. They love having the ability to tune in and ask questions on the spot. Being able to interact, in the moment, with a knowledge base is very important to a consumer. Plus it gives a sense of urgency to connect because it is a limited window before you close down your live feed.

The video is then posted to Facebook for those who didn’t make it to the live viewing. If you want to you can delete it, making the live version that much more exclusive. This course however is a completely personal choice. Some may want to promote the exclusivity of the live version; some may want to leave the ability to reference old material.

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