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"Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler."

- Albert Einstein

Making Clients Into Raving Fans Is
Made Possible With Great People

Mortgage Systems That Work

Greg Baldwin Mortgage Advisor

"I have never been with a company that is so committed to providing both the culture and the tools to promote success. It is rare to find these days and I really appreciate it!"


In Person | Over the Phone | Online | On Your Tablet

Work the Way You Want to Work

"Wherever my clients are or wherever I am I've got the tools to do business."

Every Mortgage Advisor has a unique approach to originating. 

Absolute Mortgage gives you the choice to create the ultimate client experience that fits your style. 


Loan Review | Processing | Submission | Communication

Are You at the Top of Your Game?

We've Got "FastTrack"

Mortgage Advisors that submit great files are rewarded. FastTrack approval means 24 hour priority underwriting. Your files will expedite through all phases. 

"It's comforting knowing there're checks and balances in place to stay on top of all my files."

We believe in keeping open channels of communication with everyone on the team so you can stay on top of your pipeline.


"How can we make this file work best for the borrower?"

Who's the "Client"?

It's both you and the borrower.

"What I love about underwriting is that they are always trying to make a scenario work."

No remotely located underwriting department. Our underwriters are locally based. You can even grab coffee together!

What if an Underwriting Team was always looking through the lenses for what's best for the client? 

Approve with as few conditions as possible and close on time. That is our mantra.  

Closing and Funding

You're Often Measured By How Well the Transaction Concluded

It's Time to Celebrate a Job Well Done!

"Boy that was as seamless as possible."

Arguably the most popular team, our Closing and Funding Departments are simply outstanding.

When you're near the finish line it takes a tight team and system to complete the race.

Finish strong with Absolute Mortgage.

Absolute Mortgage | Mortgage Systems That Help You Succeed

I love working for Absolute Mortgage. We have a wonderful culture, everyone works to assist each other succeed. I love the commitment to the community. Eric Bolstad has put together an incredible team to take Absolute Mortgage to the next level. We have the tools and processes in place to succeed and be #1 in the Pacific Northwest. From marketing to lead generation and the follow up tools we are provided, I couldn't be more excited about Absolute. I look forward to a very long career here at Absolute.

Craig WalkerManager | Mortgage Advisor