January 27, 2017
A step - by- step guide to solving client issues | Absolute Mortgage Careers

A Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Client Issues

Have you ever found yourself arguing with a client? When issues are brought up it can be a normal gut-reaction but the relationship will be put under a lot of strain.

Rather than turning issues into arguments, try using this step-by-step guide to help solve your client’s issue. This way you can align yourself with them against the problem.

Own The Issue

Passing the blame isn’t going to make a concern go away. Let the person who hears your client’s issue own it. This will help your client feel more relaxed and alleviate some of the worry they have.

Thank The Client

Thank your client for notifying you of the issue. Use phrases like “I am so happy you brought this to my attention.” This will make your client feel like they’re in capable hands and like the issue is in control and being handled properly.

Ask for Details

Ask questions with empathy. Make sure you’re on the same side as your client against the issue. That way you’re providing a united front against a problem. You’re once again a team working towards a common goal.


Use empathetic phrases like “I can see why you’re upset” and “I understand what you are saying.”

Repeat the Issue Back

solving client issues with a timeline --absoluteloansUse your own words when repeating the issue back to your client. Using sayings such as “What I’m hearing you say is…” and “What you’d like to have happen is…” shows that you’re engaged in active listening and are really hearing them out.

Don’t Interrupt

If your client has a lot to say, let them. Sometimes getting it all out is cathartic for people. If they have a lot to say, take notes and return to repeating the issue back to the client once they are done speaking. Do not argue or get defensive.

It’s a Two Step Process

If you hear the issue once, take note. If you hear the issue twice, take action.

Make A Timeline

Making a commitment to solve the issue with a timeline sets everyone’s mind at ease. You will feel more comfortable knowing exactly how to plan out your next few days to make the client happy and your client will feel reassured knowing that there is a set end to their pain-point rather than an unknown date in the future.

Ask For Input

As you continue to work with the client, ask for their input to make sure things are moving smoothly. Make your client feel like their voice is being heard.

Follow Up

After the issue has been resolved, follow up with the client and secure the relationship. Make sure they know you’re thinking about them.


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