December 29, 2016
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How to Maximize Your Productivity

Have you ever had your productivity style tested? There are four main productivity styles: Prioritizers, Planners, Arrangers, and Visualizers. No style is best for everyone. But knowing your personal style will help you manage your work and life more effectively and efficiently.

I’ll discuss each group and some useful tools you can use that will help your individual productivity style. Now you can start off the New Year putting your most productive foot forward!

The Prioritizer

The Prioritizer is an analytic mind. Logical and realistic goals are their strong suit. If a prioritizer gives you a deadline you know they will meet it. It’s not just their day they have planned out. It’s their week.

The Prioritizer shines when it comes to data analysis, critical analysis, and logical problem solving. Goal orientation, consistency, and decisiveness are all great traits brought to the table by The Priortizer.

Are you The Prioritizer?

Time blocking will do you wonders. Try setting aside your 9-11am for making phone calls or your 1-2 for a door-shut, email-only chunk of time.

Tools for the Prioritizor

Moosti: A timer tool based on the Pomodoro Technique
Todoist: A task manager that lets you label action items with deadlines, hashtags, and location reminders

The Planner

The Planner is an organizational wizard. The Prioritizer focuses on details where The Planner works on all aspects of the project. The Planner thrives on organization, and sequential, planned, detailed thinking.

The Planner is action oriented especially when actions are practical. They will find any over-looked details in plans or processes. Organization, data-maintenance, and project planning will all be handled with ease.

Are you The Planner?

You should consider keeping a running list of tasks sorted by category. Create categories such as “call prep,” “email clean-up,” or “calendar review.” That way if you finish a task early or something doesn’t go as planned you can quickly shift to a related task.

Tools for The Planner

Toodledo: Allows you to make custom lists, structured outlines, and view tasks on a calendar.
Trello: Trello is a project management tool that mixes sticky notes and boards so you can add due dates, color coordinate tasks, notes, and comments.

The Visualizer

The Visualizer excels at creative problem solving and has a great ability to combine different elements of a project. They work well under pressure and can get bored when they don’t have much to do or sort out. They’re spontaneous and think big picture

The Visualizer is great at being able to envision the future, recognizing new opportunities and can integrate ideas and concepts with ease.

Are you The Visualizer?

Try tackling tasks by priority rather than scheduling out your whole day. If you have five or six items on your to-do list, see which are important, but not urgent, which are time-sensitive, but mostly unimportant, and which must be done. Start with the urgent and then work your way to the time sensitive. Jumping between tasks can even be an okay thing for The Visualizer since the variety will keep you engaged.

Tools for The Visualizer

Lifetick: Lifetick is an achievement tool that lets you create and add goals and checklists ranging from your day to day to your life-long dreams.
ZenPen: A minimalist writing zone where you can block out all distractions.

The Arranger

The Arranger acts based on feeling and intuition. They are natural communicators. The Arranger prefers supportive, expressive, emotional thinking. A team player through and through they excel most when working on projects in a group setting. They work best when able to communicate face to face, able to ask how a project is going and help others when they’re struggling.

What The Arranger brings to the party can’t be brought by anyone else. The Arranger can anticipate how others are feeling and can understand their underlying emotions. They excel at facilitating team interactions and persuading and selling ideas.

Are you The Arranger?

Try practicing what you’re going to say in a meeting a day or two in advance so you’re making sure you won’t run over time. Schedule your appointments (that are in close proximity!) back to back. When you know you need to have a hard stop, you’ll pay more attention to how much time you’re taking up with chit-chat and how much time is really getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Tools for The Arranger

Speechnotes: Speechnotes is a dictation tool that can help you keep track of your thoughts right when they come to mind. Start speaking and it will use your microphone to pick up on what you’re saying and turn it into text.
Focus@Will: Is a music service based in neuroscience that will help you focus and retain information when working.


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