The 3 Traits of Mortgage Advisors Who Meet Their Goals

The 3 Traits of Mortgage Advisors Who Meet Their Goals

What does it take to be a Mortgage Advisor who meets their goals? Someone who month over month not only sets expectations but meets those deliverables?

Setting is the easy part. Anyone can write down what they’re going to do, but making good on the promise to your boss, your peers, and most importantly yourself is the hard part. So what’s the difference between those who are setting and those who are meeting?

They Share Goals and To-Do Lists

Sharing your goals and agendas with others keeps you on-track and accountable. When you include others in your work, you’re being held to a higher level of accountability. It’s like going to the gym. Go with a buddy and you’ll have someone to keep you on track in case you slip up. Go alone and there’s no one to make sure you went.

Keeping your daily or weekly schedule written on a whiteboard in your office or cubicle is an easy way to do this. That way there’s no one person who has to feel like they’re keeping you to a schedule. And you have an ongoing list of To-Dos that you can cross off as you go.

They Multitask

Coachable and goal keepingMultitasking is a skill any sales person needs to learn. You need to be able to balance lead nurturing, closing, follow ups, meetings, phone calls, and emails. The difference between a multitasker who succeeds and a multitasker who gets overwhelmed is keeping everything sorted.

A Mortgage Advisor who meets their goals keeps a clean calendar. They schedule out times for calls. Make sure they have enough travel time between appointments. Have days set aside to nurture relationships with agent partners and clients. Know what they need to do, when they need to do it, and on what day they need to do it on.

They’re Coachable

You might be inclined to think that a Mortgage Advisor who meets their goals month in and month out has years of experience. But experience doesn’t stack up nearly as well as coachability. Being an early adopter to a new suggestion or process will keep you ahead of the game and make you more adaptable in the long run.

By making yourself more adaptable, staying organized, and sharing your short and long term goals with others you’ll be able to keep yourself on task and will find that you’re rising through the ranks as a Mortgage Advisor who regularly meets their goals.

If you’re struggling with staying organized, here’s a list of organization apps to help you stay on track and meet your goals.

Loey Antal