October 17, 2016
An easy guide to boosting posts on facebook | Absolute Mortgage Careers

An Easy Guide to Boosting Posts on Facebook

If you run a business Facebook page you’ve seen the boost post button before. It’s on every one of your posts, along the same row as the like, comment, and share buttons. Facebook has likely recommended posts of yours to boost as well. But how do you know that Facebook is recommending the correct posts to boost? Here is an easy guide to boosting posts on Facebook.

When to Boost

Boosting Own Content is Best PracticeAs a Mortgage Advisor most Facebook content that you’ll be posting is aimed at clients. That means your target time to boost a post is in the evenings or on weekends. Non-working hours are when most people that you are aiming to target with content will be browsing Facebook.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to limit the number of posts you boost. Posting too frequently and boosting too many posts will cause you to blend in with other content. This could cause your audience to scroll past you. You only want to boost content once a week.

What to Boost

It’s good practice is to boost your own content. Creating and driving attention to original and appealing content will result in a higher rate of engagement. By boosting your own content you have total control over your audience’s interaction.

It’s also good practice to boost a post that is already gaining traction. Boosting a post right off the bat can skew your data of organic reach vs paid reach. It can also be a waste of money if your post was one with a naturally low reach.

Wait and see if your post is one that is doing well by normal standards and then consider paying for the extra reach.

Understand Your Targeting Options

In order to effectively boost a post you need to know what your targeting options are.

Based on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your boosted post, you’ll need to think about who your key audience is. You can target by your fans or friends of fans. Targeting can also be done based off location, so maybe you’re running a promotion only in a specific area near your business. You can select age, gender, and interest. This makes targeting first time home buyers or family buyers a breeze.

Facebook’s own guide on how to boost a post can be found here. It’s much more detailed and gets deep into answering your questions.

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