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5 Tips to Propel Your Video Marketing in 2017

Think about your current marketing strategy. What are you trying to sell? What is the easiest way to get that message to a lot of people? You could buy a database; a massive list of people and send a bunch of postcards to their homes that has your face and information on it. But sending out print material will likely get it thrown out. It’s just more clutter.

You need to think digital.

We live in a fast-paced digital world. Our life decisions are made through a few clicks. You shop, order food, and even socialize online. Which means the best way to engage your customers is to go to them: Online. People don’t read long articles or flyers any more. If you were handed a booklet chances are you wouldn’t read the whole thing. Your customers won’t either. But everyone will watch a video.

Ways to Improve Your Video Marketing

There are so many ways that you can optimize your video marketing strategy. Here are 5 in-depth tips to get you started.

#1 Keep Videos Short


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Humans now have attention spans shorter than a goldfish’s. If this surprises you think to the last text message you sent or received. It’s probably not very long.

The same goes for videos; and each platform has it’s own ideal video length. For platforms like Twitter and Instagram which are designed for scrolling through photos and short, 140 character updates, keep videos between 30-45 seconds long.

Facebook is a longer form social media platform so videos with the most engagement (likes and comments) tend to be a minute in length. Facebook videos are still quick and easy to consume before scrolling along but going a little longer won’t significantly reduce your views.

Since YouTube is an all video site, creating longer, in-depth content here is okay. Videos that are two minutes in length get the most engagement.

#2 Tell Stories

Stories are an easy way to connect to people. A buyer is more likely to come to you when they feel like they know you. A good way to do this is through video. Not all of your videos should be product information or home buying tips. Injecting personality into your videos will help your clients feel like they know you and they will think of you first when the time comes to buy.  This will ensure brand loyalty and brand recognition.

#3 Have a Call to Action

The best way to end your videos is with a call to action slide. Ending your video with a black screen isn’t very helpful. Try experimenting with a question or an intriguing statement that encourages the customers to engage in a conversation. If the topic doesn’t call for one, ask them to like, comment, or even subscribe to your videos. A call to action is always an amazing idea if you want to have an impactful ending to your videos.

#4 Try Tutorial Videos

A very effective way to impress your customers is to help them learn how to use your product. This can be done in the form of tutorials that can help them do a difficult job in a much easier way. Try creating videos that explain what documentation is needed for a pre-approval letter or talk about tips for staging a home. Giving away tips for free is the best way to be retained in the minds of the customers. This is because while giving a tutorial you also advertise your knowledge, so your customer will trust you. This is the best way to improve your video marketing tactics.

#5 Optimize Your Video for Search

Now it’s time to show off all your hard work. To get your videos to show up when people search for them you need to optimize your videos for search engines. The best way to optimize your video is to use transcriptions. Transcribing what’s being said in your videos to text makes them accessible even when people can’t listen to audio.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has a huge number of benefits. This is because it is easier to connect to your audience through the video and they’ll remember your message for a long time. Your audience can comment on the video which will help get feedback about your marketing strategy on the spot. You can also know what the customers are looking for. By sharing the video messages on various pages, you can easily reach to your target audience which helps save your time and money. In addition to this, you have access to customers globally as the internet has no geographical boundaries and helps you increase your sales. Thus, you can trust video marketing tactics any day without much thought.

Loey Antal

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